Pageduty is a tool for detecting, managing and communicating any infrastructure related problems. They allow reliable notification via multiple channels like SMS, Slack, etc, automated escalations and other functionalities to help any DevOps team to easily manage their infra. What does Pageduty do: * It accumulates alerts from all the monitoring tools, group them based on the issue type and send the relevant alert to the relevant team member or to on call member * It helps you in quickly accessing the issue and help you resolve it based on past information. It involves other team members based if needed and learn from the past incidents to prevent any similar future incidents. * Based on the learnings from prior issues, it also help teams in writing better code and speed up the resolution time of future incidents.

How much does Pagerduty costs?

Pagerduty stater plan with basic functionalities starts with $10 per month for less than 6 users. Beyond that it is $15 per user per month. However, this plan does not include any international call and multiple other functionalities.

What is Pagerduty Technology Stack?

Pagerduty uses Both AWS and Azure for hosting it's services. The main technology stack is Ruby on Rails, PHP and MySQL and Cassandra for storage. For microservices management, they use Elixir and Kafka for queing purposes.

What was Pagerduty IPO price?

Pagerduty went public in 2019 with initial public offering priced at $24 a share.

7 Components For PagerDuty

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