Hotjar provides qualitative analysis of your users alongwith a feedback form to give you a 360 degree view on how users are using your product, what problems are they facing and by seeing them live also gives you an idea on how to resolve those issues. Hotjar offers: * Heatmaps - You can see click, scroll and move heatmaps and know which part of webpage is performing well, what links are getting highest clicks and upto what depth users are scrolling down. * Session Recordings - You can see a complete playback of how a user's experience went while using your website. This helps you eliminate any guessworks and it is as close to watch your users from behind. * Funnels - You can also build a funnel to know which URLs are getting highest drop-offs. * Form Analysis - You can analyze a form step by step to know which fields are getting highest drops and to see whether you can elimiate those fields from the form or can take it a later stage. * Feedback Forms - You can create a feedback form or NPS without writing any code for your website to better know the user experience of your website.

Is Hotjar free?

Hotjar does offer a personal basic plan which is free and it includes 2000 pageviews per month however the number of recorded sessions are 100 or so in a month. The free plan is

Is Hotjar safe?

Hotjar is a pretty trusted and well established company who takes care of data security and any other norms like GDPR, CCPA, etc to make sure you are not in breach. They also allow multiple other settings where you can choose if you do not want to record particular fields and they also do not record passwords, cc numbers etc by default.

Who uses Hotjar?

Hotjar is currently and actively being used by alomost half a million websites which includes big shot players like Invision, Hubspot, Unblunce, etc.

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