Basecamp is an all in one toolkit for project management and team communication. It is highly used product by remote teams as it helps in - * Real time communication amongst team members which helps them to stay on the same page especially while working remotely * They offer to-do list just like Asana with due dates and file sharing to manage team priorities * Easily manage tasks for example creating a task, assigning it, marking it compelete, commenting etc.

Is Basecamp a CRM?

No, Basecamp is not a CRM. It is a project management tool used by teams. Basecamp integrates with multiple CRMs and you can use Zapier in case an integration does not exist.

Is there a free version of Basecamp? How much does Basecamp costs?

Yes, Basecamp offers a free version. They have a flat pricing for $99 per month in which you get unlimited features. If you pay annually upfront then you will also get 2 months usage for free.

Is Basecamp any good?

Basecamp is a good tool especially when it comes down to remote teams. Asana is the biggest competitor to Basecamp and you can decide amongst the two based on features you need and pricing you can afford as Asana charges are on per user basis. So, for big teams Basecamp may have better pricign to offer.

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