Pricing Model and Page Designs from Top 4 SaaS Products

Pricing Page is one of the key pages for SaaS products. One can not underestimate the value of the Pricing Page. We have a SaaS product called Browsee and 70% of our user's checkout pricing page before signing up for the product.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to decide upon the pricing plans, models and what to show on the page. Lately, a lot of SaaS products have started showing their FAQ’s right below the pricing section to answer any general user query. 

Freshdesk Pricing Page

Pricing Cards from Freshdesk -

  • Most of the SaaS products follow this subscription styled pricing in which they show modular inflexible pricing plans with a custom plan for enterprises and a free plan for startups.
  • They usually have a switch at the top to switch pricing between monthly and yearly payments as they offer discounted pricing on annual plans. The idea is to take lump sum money from the user which could either give them better sustainability over the year or the interest will suffice for the discounting.
  • All these pricing cards have “Get Started” buttons which will take you to the signup flow and to make the user feel like they will not be charged over that limit. 

Convertkit Pricing Page

Pricing Bar from Convertkit -

  • Convertkit is an email automation software who charges based on the number of subscribers. They offer more flexible and transparent pricing as they move the pricing window in “20 dollars” steps. As the number of subscribers increases, they reduce the price per subscriber.
  • They have two cards one with the free plan and one with the moving slider for pricing based on the number of subscribers. This builds more trust in users as at any point they do not feel like being overcharged because of the transparent modeling.

Stripe Payment Page

Percentage Pricing by Stripe -

  • Stripe charges you on the percentage basis rather than any fixed or variable pricing plans. So, the amount that Stripe will take will be directly proportional to the amount of money any of its users are making. So, if they have just one client like Amazon then it immediately becomes a billion-dollar company.
  • In Stripe, one of the pricing cards shows the percentages for SMEs (national and international) and another one is for enterprises.

Basecamp Pricing Page

Flat Pricing for All by Basecamp -

  • Basecamp has the most simplistic model for pricing where they charge flat $99/month from everyone using their services. They do not differentiate based on the team size or number of projects or any other parameters.
  • The problem with so many different pricing plans is that users have to invest a lot of time and energy to figure out which plan suits them. However, with products like Basecamp where storage is not going to be enormous and API calls will not cost too much, it is best to offer a simplistic pricing model.

All the above mentioned SaaS products have a FAQ section at the bottom of their pricing pages. If you wish to see more studies like this, please signup for our weekly newsletter.