Smartlook is a tool to analyze user behavior qualitatively. You can use insights from Smartlook to improve your website's or app's experience and designs. Smartlook offers - * Session Replays - You can visualize the journey and sessions of any user via Smartlook. This gives you a lot of insights on how users actually use your product and what issues do they face. * Heatmaps - You can learn about your pages to understand upto which point users scroll or where they click etc * Funnels - You can also make a funnel around important flows to know where and why users are dropping * JS Errors - You can watch the session to know where exactly a frontend error happened.

How much does Smartlook costs?

Smartlook is free upto 1.5k sessions per month. Beyond that their pricing plan starts from $31 per month which gives you 7.5k sessions per month.

Who uses Smartlook?

Smartlook can be used by any website or app who wants to see how users are using their product or wish to improve their UX. Smartlook is currently active on almost 36k websites including Hostinger, Kiwi etc.

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