Intercom is your all in one communication platfom to boost sales and customer support. They have live chat, segmented emails, product tours and knowledge base articles. It is pretty good conversion tool for SMB's to actively be in touch with the users via their live chat. They also collect customer data which helps you in segmenting the users and send targeted emails based on that. Some of their important use cases are: * Lead Generation - You can grow your sales by using their automated chatbots via which you can collect email ids or you can schedule a meeting without having any manual labour involved * Customer Engagement - You can design your onboarding flows as well as automated drip messages on your website to help a user effectively use your product * Customer Support - You can assist your customers with their queries via Intecom's live chat and knowledge base articles

How much does Intercom costs?

Intercom does not offer any free plans. Their basic Start plan is from $39 per month which offer one seat. They have an offer for early stage companies where you can apply and get Intercom for $49 per month. Also, for any segmented notifications, tours or emails where user data is stored, you need to pay an additional of $200 - $500 based on the use case.

Is Intercom a CRM?

No, Intercom is not a CRM however it offers integration with many CRMs to boost your sales and marketing.

Where is Intercom located and how many employees does Intercom have?

Intercom's headoffice is in SFO and they have many other offices in Dublin, London, Sydney and Chicago. They have around 800 employees as of 2020.

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