Four Simple Yet Effective Sign Up Flows

The user has finally decided to take a deeper dive into your product, needless to say his entry has to be a breeze.
We looked at over forty products and have brought to your four of our favorite Sign Up pages.
The first is Zapier's Sign Up Page

Zapier Signup Page

The credit for this super slick yet effective sign up flow partly goes to Google which has provided this single click sign in widget that products can integrate and with just a click. Although admittedly, later when Zapier asks you to set a password, thats a bit of a turnoff. Yet, we love these Google Sign In widgets which are visually very crisp and breeze you right in.
Our next favorite is a product known for its unorthodox, minimalist approach to product building.

Notion Signup Login Page

Keeping in line with their amazing design, their Sign Up page asks either for Google Sign In or just your email. Their signup with email, interestingly acts as an email verifier as well as is easier on the user to start with. After you provide your email, they need you to provide a temporary password (like an OTP) which essentially verifies your email.
This is pretty neat compared to many other flows which require you to setup a safe password and then verify your email later. Notion's entire onboarding is a different story though and it seems like its never going to end. Full marks for the signup though.
The next noteworthy sign up is Product Hunt.

Producthunt Signup Page

Product Hunt being a community requires a bit of your public profile like Twitter, Facebook, Google or AngleList. Sure these can be pretty anonymous too but skipping email signups is a pretty nice step.
Our fourth and another noteworthy Sign Up is UberSuggest's signup

Ubersuggest Sign In Popup

Notice the popover that tells you what you get what you sign up. That's what we are talking about.
Very few products encourage Sign Ups, its at best treated as a clerical formality that needs to be done fast Ask any new product in the market and it's so hard to get people to sign up. How about a little nudge ? Can you tell the user why he should consider signing up and maybe some of them will. Definitely worth exploring for many products.

This is our roundup of some of the interesting sign-up flows we found this week. Hope you liked it. Do signup for our weekly newsletter.