Stripe is a payment gateway or a way to accept payments for your online businesses just like card machine for vendors. Anyone can come and put in their credit/debit card details to pay for your online services. Here are some of their top features: * Stripe Payments - Their payments platform is full 36 degree product to accept any form of digital payments whether it is a subscription, a marketplace or a straightforward payment acceptance. Also, it is a global player which allows you to collect payments from your international customers as well. * Stripe Billing - Their billing platform allows you to easily manage all your recurring payments, invoices and recover pending payments as well. * Stripe Connect - This platform is particularly focussed on marketplaces for accepting and making payments to third parties. It allows payment formats like from one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many.

Is Stripe safe to use?

Stripe is pretty safe to use as they are audited by a PCI certified auditor. Moreover, it forces HTTPS using TLS for all of it services including the non-transactional services like homepage. They also use 2 PGP keys to encrypt any communication with their users. They also have a reward programme for anyone who finds any vulnerability in their systems.

How much does it cost to use Stripe?

Stripe has a transparent and pay as you go pricing plans. You do not pay for any setup or hidden fees. It has a pay per transaction model and it takes about 2-3% on every transactions plus some fixed costs in coutries like US for every successful transaction. It has different percentage for different countries and they even vary the charges based on local and international payments.

Why is Stripe so popular?

Stripe is a popular payment gateway as they have a pretty good product plus they have a pretty transparent pricing which involves no hidden charges. They are also funded by a few giants like YCombinator and Tiger Global from whom they have raised over a billion dollars and they current valuation lies at almost $35 billion in 2020.

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