Fullstory enables any website owner to track user activity on their website as well as on their app. They also have an exhaustive search engine where you can search for an action on a specific button or link or anything else you can imagine to know how people are using a particular feature or button etc. Fullstory works with websites as well as with apps. Fullstory offers: * Segments and Funnels - You can create a segment based on a particular action without adding any event and also can create a funnel around any flow * Session Replays - You also get a complete recording of your user sessions which will show you how users are using your product. * Dev Tools - You can see the sessions related to JS errors to undertsand where and how the error occured in frontend.

How much does Fullstory costs?

Fullstory has a free pricing plan which offers around 1000 sessions per month. The next plan starts from $200 which will give you 25k monthly sessions. Fullstory is more of an enterprise software as with same cost you can get much more sessions etc with other tools.

How does Fullstory works?

Fullstory is a JS code based product just like GA where when you insert their JS in your website, they start to track clicks, movements, DOMs and pageviews etc to reproduce the user sessions.

Who owns Fullstory?

Scott Voigt is the CEO of Fullstory. They have also raised 59.2 million dollars in 4 rounds of funding. They are currently active on almost 20k websites including Carmax, Hyatt etc.

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