Freshdesk is primarily known for cloud based helpdesk solutions where a customer who is facing any issue can file a support ticket which gets automatically assigned to a member of support team. It keeps a record of all tickets, how many are resolved, who is resolving how many tickets as well as other parameters. You can also connect your FAQs with Freshdesk to make the system more efficient by creating automated replies for frequent queries.

How much does Freshdesk costs?

Freshdesk pricing plans starts from $15 per month per user.

What is the difference between Freshdesk and Freshservices?

Freshdesk and Freshservice are two different tools with Freshdesk focussed on helpdesk software and Freshservice is focussed is an IT support tool. Both services comes under a company called Freshworks.

Is Freshdesk cloud based?

Yes, Freshdesk is a completey cloud based solution.

10 Components For Freshdesk

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