Calendly User Onboarding

About this component

We need to learn from the simple user onboarding of Calendly. It seems like a flow where users set up their accounts without feeling any burden. They have followed a simple rule of one thing at a time and hence by just focussing on one thing in one window, the user does not feel any pain that he has to give in a lot before getting started. However, at the same time, they have given you an option to skip the process for later. They have 3 main screens for setting up an account and start using Calendly seamlessly.

  1. They ask for a username/company name sort of input field. It is just like the username of Facebook or Instagram to give you a unique identity. If the username is already taken, they will show that then and there without clicking on the next button so you can change it immediately. However, they do not autosuggest any other username like Google or Facebook.
  2. In the next step, they will ask you to connect any of your calendars which is pretty important to Calendly users as they will know all your busy slots based on your calendar. They have given you an option to set it up later as well. The beauty of all these integrations is that they are mostly click-based without you needing to fill in many details as long as you are logged in to your Gmail or Outlook account. 
  3. They will also ask you to choose your available hours and days broadly like weekdays and 9 am - 5 pm. They clearly mention that you can customize it further later on. 

Also, the color scheme for Calendly is very elegant and simple with various shades of two colors i.e. black and blue. 


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